The Healer's Realm

Healing and Overcoming Trauma by Listening to our Bodies, with Freyja Inanna

February 13, 2022 Freyja Inanna Season 2 Episode 1
The Healer's Realm
Healing and Overcoming Trauma by Listening to our Bodies, with Freyja Inanna
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Breaking free from the bondage of hurtful experiences is a difficult process and one that requires intense work inside. Start a healing journey to conquer previous traumas usually involves a strong commitment and proper guide to see through the entire progression. Now, Freyja Inanna will accompany us and share her knowledge on releasing trauma through various modalities available, depending on the level of healing needed for each factoring condition. But we have to bear in mind that no matter where the past experiences have taken us, we deserve to reclaim ourselves and our future. 

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About Freyja Inanna

Freyja is an Integrative Mental Health Advocate, Psychosomatic Therapist, and Trauma Release Facilitator. Her professional experience includes many years as a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, and more recently, as Psychosomatic Therapist as well as being certified in other complementary healing modalities.

She has co-founded and run a healing retreat center, Inanna Sanctuary, with locations in Florida and Costa Rica. She has written extensively in blogs and articles, and advocates for mental health, women’s issues, and civil rights. Her upbringing and early life spent within the polygamist community of Southern BC Canada has sparked a passion for freedom and healing and deep compassion for those still in their own healing process. She has spent her life interacting with patients and clients in environments ranging from childbirth to various modalities and levels of healing and connects easily with others to discover what would best serve to assist in their highest empowerment and authentic expression.

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A backgrounder for our guest, Freyja Inanna
Freyja has such an interesting story! Listen to it here
The first few signs Freyja’s body communicated what she needs
Finding her new love whilst beginning her healing journey
So what happened with the other women left inside their religion??
Why people end up staying in a traumatic cycle …
But how did the 12 children cope?
The painful experience of losing a son due to trauma
A healer cannot save everybody. Going through the grieving process
A trauma may be an opportunity for us to create something great out of it
Freyja’s journey to starting her own healing retreats
What modalities can be used to help people navigate through the triggers and finally heal?
When did Freyja open up her healing retreats?
Where and how should people start on their healing journey?
The victim shaming mentality = denial and avoidance
The importance of shadow work and having a guide
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On reclaiming forgiveness …