The Healer's Realm

Connecting To The Source and Finding Your Sense of Self and Divine Being, with Viva Divine Debbie Palmer Mack

April 22, 2023 Debbie Palmer Mack Episode 1
The Healer's Realm
Connecting To The Source and Finding Your Sense of Self and Divine Being, with Viva Divine Debbie Palmer Mack
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In this day and time, how important is it to become aware of the traits and powers we embody? How important is it to discover our life’s most important work and be connected to our source? These are just some of the questions we are about to uncover the answers to within this episode as we open the infinite possibilities of joy, peace, and success are able to experience through a spiritual awakening.

 A life that feels amazing from the inside out? Yes! It’s possible with our guest today who is no other than the Viva Divine herself, Debbie Palmer Mack. A peace aficionado who began the journey of remembering her spiritual nature in 2010. She is the voice behind the online space, Viva Divine which encourages living the divine life. Today, we will be able to discover the specific guidance for our own life's journeys so come and step inside the Healers Realm!  

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About Debbie Palmer Mack 

 Debbie loves people for a living. She is a positivist who has devoted her time to regaining her healing abilities, supporting others through their spiritual awakening, and encouraging those she loves to live a divinely inspired life. She is a Meta physician and a certified Reiki master in both the Usui and angelic modalities. Debbie has served as a certified spiritual healer, oneness, blessing giver, and prayer partner at Unity of Houston and is completing her studies to be a licensed spiritual teacher with the option to progress to ministry thereafter. Her side gig, which is what she calls her secular work, lies in leadership, learning, and development for over 23 years.

 Debbie assists others in learning how to live in their truths, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that we are not separate from the source of life. She continues to develop her program based on the many tools and practices she has used in creating a life that feels amazing from the inside out.

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A journey that began when she was hit by a car??
Leaving everything behind …
Becoming what we are supposed to <
The process of “life-ing” for Denise
Finding the Path to true living
Identifying the voice of ego versus the voice of truth
Here’s a perfect example <<
Hearing the “other voice” clearer over time
The ego that is talking and putting yourself down – Denise
Letting the divinity flow
Hear this TRUTH 🡨
Support the people in remembering what they really are
A review of Denise’s journal entries over the years
Be compassionate with ourselves!
Are you also your own best critic?
How to be kind to yourself <
Having that inner conversation to hear the truth about who you are
Your divinity wants to express itself through your desires
Getting to know that inner space and spending time with it
Spending time with ourselves and the higher source
Mastering a form of meditation
You can be alone and not be lonely –
Looking for confirmations everywhere
Ever wonder why are certain things not right now in our lives?
We have to go through the healing process …
Healing is beautiful!
On spiritual journeys and meditations …
We don't have to have all of the pieces at one time
Other people are also on a healing journey so every time, it gets better
We don't have to be physically with people to support them