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The Significance of Plant Medicine Integration in the Healing Process, with Bonnie Divina Maa

April 04, 2021 Bonnie Divina Maa Episode 1
The Healer's Realm
The Significance of Plant Medicine Integration in the Healing Process, with Bonnie Divina Maa
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We are very fortunate today to be able to delve deep into our understanding of plant medicine integration, with Bonnie Divina Maa. What does plant integration essentially mean? How does it work? How important is it? Plant medicine integration is being used in cases of trauma resolution, and in quantum space where deep healing transpires. 

 We are going to discover a lot in this particular aspect of healing interactions, so stick around and learn a lot more in this episode, with host Denise Damijo, for a thought-provoking conversation that will take us on the path that will help us awaken and safely heal through plant medicine.

 Come, tune in, and enter The Healer’s Realm.

About Bonnie Divina Maa

 Bonnie Divina Maa, is a registered nurse and specializes in Energy Medicine, Yoga, Shamanic, and Tantric modalities for healing. Her work focuses on trauma resolutions and women’s issues. She also works as a singer, songwriter, yoga teacher, and a healing practitioner all over the world. She studied 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat, and also studied Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at Florida State University. She is the author of the book, The Place Beyond the Story


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Let’s get to know Bonnie Divina Maa and her works.
How did Bonnie start her journey in shamanic plant medicine?
Bonnie tells us what exactly is plant integration and expands on its importance.
Find out what level of stability is needed to be able to start the integration process.
Denise shares her personal experience and views with an Ayahuasca ceremony.
How to get the optimal experience and use the integration time wisely?
Listen to the dangers of not having the correct practitioner and not knowing the right questions to ask.
Optimal experience includes: Dieta, Cannabis, and Sacred sex…
Let’s learn more about Dieta, in preparation for ceremonies.
Learn about the process, the right way! Find the experts. Go to the right sources. Get to know the medicine!
More about the pre-integration process here (being Ayahuasca-ready) …
Now let’s pay attention on what the integration process is during the ceremony. What are the various different ways people do it?
Further works on this medicine will take the experience on a much deeper level, as it is a shadow plant.
Looking at how the process has been harder, how Bonnie kept the momentum to keep going? Let’s hear it from her.
The Ayahuasca way of healing deep wounds. The vine of the soul …
Know the questions to ask your practitioner when using this kind of integration.
Take note: once the plant’s in you, she’s in you forever! You can awaken her any time with the help of a practitioner.
Be aware of the dangers post-ceremony when the integration process isn’t honored.
Know the true purpose and ultimate goal of plant medicine work.
Also, watch out for her book coming up next month!