The Healer's Realm

The Power of Yoga and Embracing Holistic Healing, with Lee Haines

May 02, 2021 Denise Episode 3
The Healer's Realm
The Power of Yoga and Embracing Holistic Healing, with Lee Haines
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The topic of today’s episode is so powerful in helping us to understand the power of Yoga as a healing modality. In this conversation, Lee dives deep in helping us to understand reasons and distractions that hinder us throughout our healing process. There is so many powerful nuggets to learn from as Lee tells a part of her story and how and why she is now inspired in helping people discover the variations of healing practices that they can integrate to their lives so that they may heal spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Lee breaks down how our bodies can store negative energy and how it effects our everyday lives and the way we respond to the world.

Come, tune in, and enter The Healer’s Realm where your spirit will find peace. 

About Lee Haines


A yoga teacher, a holistic healing practitioner, and a wellness coach, Lee Haines has been practicing yoga for seven years. She was able to find herself and self-heal and because of that, she started helping others to do the same.


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The short and sweet story of Lee’s healing journey actually started with her weight loss journey leading her to the discovery of yoga that transitioned to her healing from all the traumas she experienced since childhood.
How Lee started out in helping people to achieve permanent healing
An eye-opening lesson on why people actually run from healing
What do you have in your toolbox that is navigating your life?
A lesson in Chakra’s and releasing the bad stuff from the roots themselves
The biggest challenges that people face when going through their healing journey
Recognizing suppressed traumas