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Appreciating Sacred Sex as Part of the Healing Journey, with Jason Mangan

May 16, 2021 Jason Mangan Episode 4
The Healer's Realm
Appreciating Sacred Sex as Part of the Healing Journey, with Jason Mangan
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In this episode, we are going to be talking about a hot topic which may also be considered taboo  for most people. Jason Mangan gives us insights in today’s topic of appreciating sacred sex as part of the healing journey. 

Could it be that we were naturally raised on a belief system  about sex which further deepened our sexual injuries over the years? Join us in this eye-opening discussion where we dive deep into root injuries and sacred sex.  

This is a hot topic that you don’t want to miss so enter The Healer’s Realm,where your spirit will find peace. 

About Jason Mangan 

Jason Mangan is a divine soul and emotional life coach, who specializes not just in physical  detoxification, but also emotional soul based detoxification. Jason is a nutritional specialist who  has been experimenting with superfoods fasting and breath work for over 20 years. Jason  owns a donation-based healing center and he is a divine, intuitive, holistic healer that assists others in their soul development with the Creator of all. He's been a practicing vegan for 20  years and for 95% of his life, he has been eating raw organic fruits, herbs and vegetables. 



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Let’s hear how Jason journeyed through his breakthroughs
Turning point and transitions that Jason experienced helped him identify his true calling
How he got into fasting and started his raw vegan diet onwards
Discover the clarity of understanding built through recognizing sacred sex and its importance
Where do we usually get these sexual injuries and false beliefs around sex?
How do we heal these injuries and improve our sexual relationships?
Discover how is sacred sex different from just a regular sex
Attracting and manifesting your soulmate/ twin flame
Having the important conversations with children and how to do it
The sacred sex dynamics when it comes to identifying your true twin flame…
Could we have met our soulmate but didn't realize it? What may have blocked it?