The Healer's Realm

A Reading of the Akashic Record, Your Personal Book of Life, with Yumie Zein

February 27, 2022 Yumie Zein Season 2 Episode 2
The Healer's Realm
A Reading of the Akashic Record, Your Personal Book of Life, with Yumie Zein
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In this life, there will always be a mystery on how things fit together and make sense as we go further along and pieces of the puzzle finally start to fall into place. When one experiences a significant transition or the “dark night of the soul”, the difficult stages may shake your core being but when you let go of everything, the created space will allow you to explore what is out there that is meant for yourself.

Today’s episode is very special because we get to explore the beauty of energy healing and specifically focus on the powerful effects of the Akashic record reading. We are joined by Yumie Zein who’s an Egyptian Creatrix and Akashic Alchemist. She is going to share with us the powerful transformational journey she had to get her to where she belongs now, being a Sacred Circle holder.

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About Yumie Zein

Yumie is an Egyptian Creatrix, an Akashic Alchemist, Hypnotist, and a Sacred Circle Holder. Through her Egyptian ancestry, she incorporates ancient wisdom with new earth teachings to bring about unique transformation and self-empowerment. Her passion and curiosity about the Akashic records sparked her awakening several years ago; leading her into the work she does today.

Yumie incorporates transformative spiritual coaching techniques, energetic clearings, deep mindset shift, and Akashic downloads to assist you in aligning with your highest timeline and uncovering your hidden gifts.

Get in touch with Yumie here:
Linktree:                   @YumieZein | Linktree

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Yumie’s spiritual journey started here …
The beginning of Yumie’s many “dark nights of the soul”
Coming across Sekhem Reiki -- an Egyptian version of Reiki
The spark Yumie needed to start a snowball of discoveries about herself
Working with Isis and Ra – connecting energies
Let’s delve deep into the Akashic records and its profound impacts
The Akashic records reached out first to Yumie!
Blocking the connection
Breaking through all fears to connect the soul
One step at a time … Follow the breadcrumbs
The energetic blueprint of existence
Connecting to the Akashic records through an energetic vibration
Get some answers to your long outstanding questions through this tool!
Surrender, be curious, let go …
Pay that remembrance, look inside you, and discern carefully
What the records taught Yumie
The difference when people get addicted to psychic readings
Yes or no questions are futile in the records
Ask: What will serve your highest good? What is the action you need to take to be able to experience your highest timeline?
Detach from the space of co-dependency in the spiritual realm
What can we do individually and collectively when working with the Akashic records?
The Akashic records are a really powerful tool offered to humanity
Access the records and connect through the heart
What are record keepers and protectors of the records and what are they like?
Connecting with the records through pure intention and meditation
Permission is key so NO, you cannot access the records of other people
The guides to unlocking the code
The most important points or tools in accessing the records
Cultivate that personal relationship with the records
Working on healing ourselves causes a ripple effect in the healing of the world