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Orgasm and Nerve Stimulation - The Vital Energy That Started a Healing Journey

March 27, 2022 Andie Walsh Season 2 Episode 4
The Healer's Realm
Orgasm and Nerve Stimulation - The Vital Energy That Started a Healing Journey
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Not everyone understands the importance and the benefits an orgasm gives to women aside from the bond it creates for intimate partners. A number of health benefits are derived just by the experience of it between couples and this also brings healing to a lot of the different aspects of a woman’s life. This is what we are going to tackle deeper and learn from in this episode.

We have with us Andie Walsh who after suffering a spinal injury during 2019, her career as a licensed massage therapist and a massage instructor ended. But it began an amazing journey in self-healing and intensified her energy work further. Her losing the important aspect of her intimacy brought her to even deeper healing. We all need to listen to what she has to share with us on being vulnerable and her journey to healing on multi-dimensional levels.

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About Andie Walsh

Andie is a retired, licensed massage therapist and a massage instructor in the state of Texas from 2008 till 2019. Her primary study was spinal care under close supervision and mentoring by three different chiropractors over the course of 13 years. Andie further developed her spiritual and healing knowledge with the study of therapeutic yoga. Lending a hand in yoga teaching training, she was able to sit in and acquire vast knowledge from top yoga instructors in Houston, Texas. This led Andie on a journey of incorporating guided meditation, chakra balancing, and chanting into her work.

A lifetime of being a witness, as well as assisting the powerful healing practices of her grandmother, she built upon prayer and laying of hands with crystals, herbs, sound frequency, cultural and folk healing and Reiki. Cultivating an even stronger, conscious connection, Andie's ability to connect to her guides became stronger during her self-healing process, which has led many to seek her out for her guidance, her affirmation, confirmation, teachings, and moving blocks in the energetic and vibration around. Her goal is to restore, renew and provide assistance in the activation of an innate healing within all those who seek her talents and God given gifts.

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Let’s us get to know first Andie Walsh …
The injury that started it ALL
The struggles in marriage brought about by the pain, and post-surgery
The roots of the healer in a family of healers
Andie struggled all throughout the painful experience she had
A back story on the healing path Andie took
Hear this weird story Andie had with her brother back when they were just innocent children
Pulling and regaining those special gifts back!
The differences between faith-based healing and non-faith based healing of Christianity
Andie’s teen years and on being a teenage wife …
The Law of One God
… and then discovering plant medicine
What happened during Andie’s life dump experience?
The list of things she had to do signalled the start of her journey through shadow work
When the dimensional thing happened …
Andie’s sound frequency therapy for massage (which costs a lot of money!)
Working with a group and teaming up with other healers and psychics
Cultural healing in combination with other practices work!
And now, herbs …
A medical journal of trying to regain back the much needed orgasm
The steroid injection which never worked
The acceptance …
Orgasm is a magic energy! Here’s what you need to know
The dimensional healing experience with a fellow healer and going through the process during a Reiki share
Discovering the wound in another dimension
Everything, every experience had its reason for happening!
What unlocked in Andie after that?
What a Reiki share is
Connect with Andie!
Andie’s message for yáll!