The Healer's Realm

Focusing on Integrative Medicine and Holistic Practices: Aligning our Minds and Bodies to Achieve True Healing, with Dr. Nelson Valena

June 05, 2022 Dr. Nelson Valena Episode 7
The Healer's Realm
Focusing on Integrative Medicine and Holistic Practices: Aligning our Minds and Bodies to Achieve True Healing, with Dr. Nelson Valena
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It is just amazing to know that nowadays, there are doctors and wellness practitioners who are exploring energy medicine as a new force in the healthcare industry. These practices are found in diverse cultures and healing traditions and even if it only represents a small fraction of the trillion-dollar healthcare industry, various modalities are still being discovered to channel true healing holistically. 

Today’s episode is another gem because here to answer our curious minds is Dr. Nelson Valena, a medical doctor in physical medicine and rehabilitation and brain injury medicine who is also exploring alternative forms of healing. His story and his quest for holistic healing will truly inspire a lot of us who are on that road to finding healing in another realm. 

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About Dr. Nelson Valena


Dr. Valena is a board-certified medical doctor and practiced neurological rehabilitation for over 20 years. In 2011, he suffered a minor stroke that catalyzed a life reevaluation leading him to explore alternative forms of healing. He recently completed an integrative medicine fellowship with the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and has a special interest in energy medicine and Shamanism. 

Currently, he is developing a retreat center in Cold spring Texas called Golden Hill Retreat Center where the mission is to help people connect with their inner healer. His primary interest is integrating alternative healing modalities with allopathic medicine. 

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Getting to know Dr. Nelson Valena
The quest for holistic healing
Growing up in a traditional family and its effects
The doubt that started his long spiritual journey
Coming to a place where medicine and spirituality come together
Challenges in achieving optimal health
Coming into a realization of the limitations in our current health system
Shaking a doctor’s belief system in the field of medicine
The biggest challenges in the current healthcare system
The limitations of a trained physician
The improvements needed in the healthcare system
Know the biggest barriers in the healthcare industry
Our left brain and right brain strengths
The practitioners are the placebo effect?
Dr. Valena’s personal journey had its challenges as well
A state of malalignment – the dark matter of the soul
Dr. Valena’s future goals are very promising
Retreat Centre events and classes
Getting back to the basics in order for us to heal
You wouldn’t want to miss hearing Dr. Valena’s personal backstory HERE!
Looking back into the childhood wounds …
Just letting go …
Self-care as a part of the healing process
Awakening the inner healer by being vulnerable