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Vulnerability Through A Man’s Eyes, with Matt Bruce

May 30, 2021 Matt Bruce Episode 5
The Healer's Realm
Vulnerability Through A Man’s Eyes, with Matt Bruce
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Today, we will take a look at vulnerability in men. Come and see how you can improve relationships by finding ways to achieve better communication with your loved ones. In this episode of The Healer’s Realm, Matt Bruce is filling us with profound insights on a trauma stricken man and on how to support them along the way. 

Find out where men learn not to be vulnerable and how to help them out of their shells so that they can be vulnerable and heal.   

 Tune in and enter The Healer’s Realm, where your spirit will find peace. 


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About Matthew Bruce 

Matt is an author and also the founder of the Menswork Collective. He spent 10 years in the  Australian Army and worked as a support staff member in the Special Forces. He has been on a journey to heal himself from PTSD and is passionate about helping men heal their hearts  and stop avoiding the difficult things in life. 

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Let's hear Matt's healing journey...
Developing the sense of vulnerability in men, the healthy way
Why can't men show their vulnerable side??
Women, do not do this when dealing with men who struggle with vulnerability!
Struggling with patience issues with your men? Share it with us!
How can the ladies help their men communicate and open up?
Exercises that both partners can do together to help the communication get better
But what if your partner is just distant and wont open up? What to do?!
Connect with Matt Bruce! Details below...
Forms of PTSD you might want to learn more of
You are your own healer. Take ownership and be the best version of yourself.